"How can more football players reach their full potential?"

Full potential strategy is a tool developed for football players that combined with my advice help players development and career. With FPS, more players will reach their full potential. Welcome!

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About Petter

During 13 amazing years as a professional football player I have seen the world of football from the pitch, and due to several injuries, also from the sidelines. These ups and downs shaped me and made me open to change as a player and as a person. It helped me develop and become the person I am today and has given me the opportunity to observe the sport and reflect on what works well and what doesn´t. These experiences, insights and tools I now want to share with you who look to optimize your career and create better conditions to reach your goals. Full Potential Strategy is a tool created for football players, based on my own career and my experiences. Simply my way to give back to the sport which has given me so much.


  • 13 years as a professional football player.
  • Player of the year Hammarby IF 2008.
  • Danish champion Fc Midtjylland 2015.
  • Captain Fc Groningen 2011/2012.
  • Europa League 2015/2016
  • Licensed change leader.

  • Hammarby IF 2003-2008 103 games/21 goals
  • Fc Groningen 2008-2012 65 games/14 goals 
  • Fc Midtjylland 2012-2016 73 games/19 goals


National teams:

  • U-17 4 games
  • U-19 18 games
  • U-21 20 games
  • A national team 2 games

The result of 13 years as a professional football player

Full Potential Strategy

Full Potential Strategy is a tool that clarifies the journey towards your goals and works as a support in that process. By creating a clear and detailed plan you have taken the first step towards controlling your own career and life.

FPS is developed through research of high performance organisations by CHPS (Centrum för Högpresterande System). It´s based on my own 13 years as a professional football player and has been applied and refined during the last year with active players at elite level.

As a customer you get individual coaching sessions with me, Petter Andersson and access to a digital platform where we together and continuously can follow the progress. The process is designed to both initiate an internal dialogue, and make tangible what you need to do to achieve your goals.


“For me FPS is achieving the best version of myself, both as a player and a person”

Kristoffer Olsson, AIK


Is your goal to see development and progress for a specific player, or are you interested in the development of a whole squad? For you as a club, there is a formed schedule where I advice some or all players, to fulfill the players potential.


Are you an agent interested in the FPS method? Do you want to implement my way of thinking in your organisation? I´d love to discuss it further. Contact me for a meeting.


Full Potential Strategy is designed for YOU. I offer my experience as a professional football player to you who´s looking to take the next step in your career. As an individual you get access to personal advice and a digital tool that helps you optimize your conditions to reach your full potential.  

Your dream, your future. Your responsibility.

Full Potential Strategy raises awareness of the individual's responsibility for their own dreams and development. FPS is a tool that supports people and clarifies the road towards that you want to achieve. It requires hard work, belief and a lot of commitment from the individual, which in turn will give a new type of control over life and your career. Why rely on chance when you can take control yourself?

“I have used FPS the last 6 months and I feel and see improvement both as a player and as a person.”

Awer Mabil, Fc Midtjylland, Esbjerg FC

“FPS helps me concretize what I must do to reach my full potential”

Rasmus Nissen, Fc Midtjylland

“A big helping tool to take the next step”

Kristian Riis, Fc Midtjylland